Location: San Juan County, UT
Size: 80 MW
Engineering: Preliminary Geotech, Site Plan and Engineering completed
Construction: 8 excavations and concrete turbine pads and roads to those locations completed December 2013

Cultural: No eligible cultural sites within project site plan
Wind Resource: 3 new 60-meter meteorological towers installed Fall 2013
Land Rights: All WTGs and associated facilities on private land. Additional State Land Parcel available and included in CUP


Wind Resource

  • 37.7% Gross Capacity Factor for Gamesa G114 2.0 MaxPower on 80m towers;
  • 39.5% Gross Capacity Factor for Gamesa G114 2.0 MaxPower on 93m towers
  • 8 years onsite wind data from 60m towers and 11 years of reference data


  • SIS Complete; firm capacity available for 80 MW
  • Facility Study completed
  • LGIA executed with PacifiCorp May 5, 2014


  • CUP issued and only permit that required discretionary approval
  • CUP issued by San Juan County in May 2013
  • No Federal Nexus; Screening for endangered species completed; Two-Year Raptor Study completed, Initial Consultation with USF&W


  • $61+ per Mwh to be re-instated or paid out