• Glass whose light transmission properties that can be altered is called Smart Glass
  • Using liquid crystal technology, glass can go from clear to opaque or anywhere in between in an instant
  • Offers a wide array of proven personal & financial benefits
  • In 2016, global smart glass industry estimated to be $2.6B USD
  • By 2020, market will exceed $5B USD (Global Industry Analysts, Inc.)
  • Smart Glass has existed for years, but only now has Gauzy perfected the technology to ensure maximum longevity and transparency

Liquid Crystal Film + Glass = LCG ®

  • LC Technology allows different wavelengths of light (ultra violet, visible and infrared) to be controlled through transparent apertures
  • With LCG ®, any glass surface has the ability to switch opaque (privacy and projection) to  transparent (an open feeling) on demand
  • Greenbriar’s LC Films are powered by patented square wave controllers for premium performance  and film preservation
  • Greenbriar creates LCG ® using PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) with a unique UV curing formulation consisting of:

LC + Polymer + Initiator + Micro-Spacer + UV Stabilizer

Science & Tech of LCG ®

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 3.28.22 PM.png

When the electrical supply is off, the LC molecules align  sporadically and scatter the light causing the glass surface to appear opaque. With plated Flex or MultiPlex controller, one can gradually control the  amount of light that scatters or passes through, giving  maximum flexibility over the glass aperture.

In full operation, square waves allow maximum transparency and minimum haze, while also allowing a range of smooth gradual waveform re-arranges the  LC molecules according to users demand, letting light to pass through.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 3.29.23 PM.png

Laminated & RetroFit Films

  • White, Dark, Colors, Patterned, Active  and Passive Vizio Projection - all in  laminated or retrofit applications
  • Roll-to-roll or cut-to-fit sheets with custom busbar positioning
  • Max. width of 1.8m