Greenbriar Capital Corporation (GRB-TSX.V) is pleased to announce that it has launched a wholly owned independent subsidiary company called Realblock, a first of its kind functional real estate blockchain enterprise.   The company will unleash the key attributes of blockchain on the transaction-heavy real estate industry; not as an academic exercise, but as a real time solution to the entire real estate market. Blockchain allows for a faster, safer and cheaper real estate transaction and Realblock will be leading this change.

Realblock is partnering with top title insurance and escrow companies, and the founder of the Blockchain lab at Arizona State University.  Proprietary software will streamline and decrease the costs of the escrow and title insurance process…a byzantine paper-heavy and rubber stamp process, that has seen little change in decades.

Mike Boyd, the former Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for Pima County (Tucson, Arizona) and the former elected County Recorder of real estate deeds, also in Pima County Arizona, will be President of the RealBlock.

Strategic Partnership with Title Security of Arizona

Besides Mike Boyd, the company has partnered with Tom Sullivan, Chairman of Title Security of Arizona, a Joint Venture affiliate of First American Title, one of the largest title insurance companies in the United States.  In addition, Tom heads up the largest private title plant in Arizona. 

This major blockchain development is launched under the watchful eye of Professor Todd Taylor, who founded the Blockchain Lab at Arizona State University.

In addition, Arizona is at the legal forefront when it comes to blockchain.  A newly enacted Arizona law stipulates that digital signatures on smart contracts, a prominent feature of blockchain, are valid and legally enforceable. Arizona is the first state to approve this law in the United States.  Legal experts agree that most real estate transactions will be done with “smart contracts” in the near future.  And according to a recent Forbes magazine article, “Blockchain technology makes information in real estate more accessible, cuts out middlemen and reduces the risk of fraud and theft. A more secure, speedier, trusted process for buying and selling property is good for everyone involved."

The Company expects new additions to the Board in the near future, as a result of this Blockchain enterprise.

Mike Boyd, President of RealBlock says: “The archaic and byzantine trillion-dollar American system of processing and recording real estate transactions wastes time and money.  Realblock will change that.  It will provide escrow and title companies with a new tool that will limit the time, save money, and increase the safety of real estate closings. This will be the first real estate blockchain enterprise to address the complex legal, title, due diligence and escrow aspects of a complete transaction, solving a comprehensive solution by incorporating all the players in the transaction.”